My favourite brands to shop from

All the brands whether they are at the top or shops found in local markets more or less all of them produce the same designs. If a new design is out there by one brand all the other brands will produce that product with just here and there of modifications. This is so because any new trending piece is wanted by the consumers and depending on which brand is the favourite of a person they then select the respective item from the respective brand.
Everyone has a favourite brand depending on the fitting, product quality, pricing, availability and so on.
Below mentioned are my personal favourite brands, hope these become yours too :

1. Mango

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This brand is my most favourite one because of its fitting secondly because of the high quality of the textile material and thirdly it looks a lot classy. The quality of mango is better than that of Zara & H&M because of the natural materials like wool, suede or silk.
If you plan on buying from here go for its dresses, tops, bottoms, workwear and even partywear will go, casual wear will go too but its on the higher side in its prices. If you are on a high end budget go for all those I mentioned.

2. H&M

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H&M brand is a lot affordable. Its prices are usually cheap. Its quality is good and it’s the best for casual, basics attire be in a white t-shirt or dresses. The footwear collection is also cheap and high-en good quality. I have shopped a lot from this brand and I can tell you how much each item durability is, for instance, all the basic collection it lasts 3 years maximum and jeans if you are someone who wears it often then 2 years maximum. Rest all – maximum 2-3 years easily along with its footwear too. I would recommend this brand as a must to shop from.

3. Zara

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Zara brand is again more or less the same as H&M its just that its slighlty higher in prices and quality compared to those of H&M. It’s durability I think is again more or similar to H&M.
Now individually if you see this brand few items of its footwear collection and that of Dresses both are a lot high in prices. If you are willing to purchase them then go for it because the durability and quality is worth the price tag!
I’m sure all the shopaholics have once or the other time debated on whether h&m or Zara is better and depending on different factors one is above the other or less than the other.

4. Stylenanda

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This is a Korean brand. Moderate to High price. If you are bored of the basic designs of your outfits then buy from here. In Every collection, you will find some or the other different design. It’ll be such that you can modify your outfit by a different kind of layering. Its quality is rich and it has a makeup collection which has variety. Koreans usually have different taste in fashion compared to the western culture that we have been following so if in search for something different go for this brand.

5. Asos

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Asos brand has different brands under it and its own designs as well. Every collection of it is amazing. It’s dresses in particular are my favourite category. Rest all are the good collection. Be its lingerie, jewellery, footwear, t-shirts, bottoms. Prices are moderate to high.

These were my favourite brands to shop from. Depending on different categories I like these brands.
In the coming blog I’ll talk about favourite jewellery brands to shop from i’ll make it such that there will be affordable to high budgeted brands. Stay tuned till then.

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