5 Indulging Ted Talks Recommendations

ted talk recommendation

Ted talks are my always favourite as there is so much to know about the world and the views of highly educated people or influential ones which you get to know through this platform. Overall these people aspire you to do the good and learn things. The following 5 ted talks will motivate you to help someone, inspire you to work accordingly.
Hope you find these ted talks indulging in such a way that you are fuelled up to do the good in the world.

1. A simple Trick to Improve Positive thinking by Alison Ledgerwood

This woman’s a social psychologist which means she works on how humans think and how they can think better. Have you ever noticed that you get stuck in the negatives of life much than the positives? Comment down below and let me know your answers. As it’s a Ted talk they will verify their conclusions, answers through experiments rather than tell haywire.

Here is the link to this ted talk- https://www.ted.com/talks/alison_ledgerwood_a_simple_trick_to_improve_positive_thinking?language=en

2. Why we all need to practise Emotional first aid by Guy Winch

By more clearly identifying our feelings or by recategorizing them, we can reduce suffering (yes!) and increase well-being, says neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett. Now won’t the emotional first aid come to your aid. Furthermore, I want you to watch this ted talk so that you get to know more about why you should practise an emotional aid. Here’s the link to the talk- https://www.ted.com/talks/guy_winch_why_we_all_need_to_practice_emotional_first_aid
Hope you’ll be convinced to use it.

3.How to get everyone to care about a greener economy by Angela Francis

I consider myself an environmentalist and I have learnt a lot about Climate change, China emitting 27% is the biggest producer of greenhouse gases in the world and India ranked third with 6.6% after the USA producing 11%. Politicians go about on changing, reforming the economy, build houses for the poor and constructing buildings which is correct but if you don’t work on the greener economy all these places would not be liveable. According to the UN the world GDP would be 20% smaller than it would be wihtout climate change.
Some of the ted talk speakers have never been environmentalist never really took the facts of climate change seriously yet they spoke about it and understood the in depth- seriousness about it, it happened because they tried to look into it. I urge you to do it too.
Otherwise in the coming decades the negative course of climate.

4. 10 steps to boost your financial health- that you can do in a day by Wendy De La Rosa

This video won’t talk much of your time it’s just a 5-minute video.
If you don’t really apply all the steps you’ll at least gain the financial education which we aren’t taught in school something practical to all of our future.

5. How to Manage your mental health by Leon Taylor

This ted talk is in my recommendations because ever since the pandemic hit us mental health has been the second leading disease apart from the pandemic itself and secondly mental health is collective to humans in order to think, interact with each other, earn a living,etc. On this basis, mental health is vital to restoration, protection and promotion.


If there are ted talks which you think would be helpful or inspiring to others then comment down below and let the world aspire with your suggestions furthermore if you found my suggestions so then share with your friends, family or anybody who needs to hear these out.

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